pome fruit

A firm fleshed fruit in which multiple seeds are protected by a central core, e.g. apple, pear.

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  • pome fruit — noun : pome 1; also : a plant that bears pomes : a tree or shrub of the family Malvaceae …   Useful english dictionary

  • BBCH-scale (pome fruit) — In biology, the BBCH scale for pome fruit describes the phenological development of fruits such as apples and pears using the BBCH scale.The phenological growth stages and BBCH identification keys of pome fruit are:1 From terminal… …   Wikipedia

  • pome´like´ — pome «pohm», noun. a fruit consisting of firm, juicy flesh surrounding a core that contains several seeds. Apples, pears, and quinces are pomes. ╂[earlier, ball, apple < Old French pome < Vulgar Latin pōma < Latin pōmum fruit; apple]… …   Useful english dictionary

  • pome|gran|ate — «POM GRAN iht, PUHM ; pom GRAN », noun. 1. a reddish yellow fruit with a thick skin and with many seeds enveloped in a juicy red pulp. The pulp has a pleasant, slightly sour taste. The pomegranate is a large, roundish, many celled berry. 2. the… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Pome — Pome, n. [L. pomum a fruit: cf. F. pomme apple. Cf. {Pomade}.] 1. (Bot.) A fruit composed of several cartilaginous or bony carpels inclosed in an adherent fleshy mass, which is partly receptacle and partly calyx, as an apple, quince, or pear.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Fruit tree propagation — is usually carried out through asexual reproduction by grafting or budding the desired variety onto a suitable rootstock. Perennial plants can be propagated either by sexual or vegetative means. Sexual reproduction occurs when male pollen from… …   Wikipedia

  • pome — [pōm] n. [OFr < VL * poma < L pomum, fruit] Bot. a fleshy fruit, as an apple or pear, having united carpels surrounded by a fleshy, usually edible receptacle …   English World dictionary

  • pome — c.1400, of types of apples or apple shaped objects, from O.Fr. pome (Mod.Fr. pomme), from L.L. or V.L. *poma apple, originally plural of L. pomus fruit, later apple (see APPLE (Cf. apple)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • fruit — [n1] edible part of vegetative growth developed after flowering berry, crop, drupe, grain, harvest, nut, pome, produce, product, yield; concepts 426,428 fruit [n2] result of labor advantage, benefit, consequence, effect, outcome, pay, profit,… …   New thesaurus

  • Pome — In botany, a pome (after the Latin name for an apple: pomum ) is a type of fruit produced by flowering plants in the Subfamily Maloideae of the Family Rosaceae. A pome is an accessory fruit composed of five or more carpels in which the exocarp… …   Wikipedia

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